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PCS Insulation

PCS Insulation

Custom Insulation Solutions

From Transport Windshield Protectors to Removable Industrial Blankets, we can manufacture everything in between!

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PCS Thermal

Custom Removable and Reusable Insulation Solutions

Removable, reusable insulation is an excellent option for tight and complicated areas where traditional insulation becomes expensive and unnecessary.


Removable Insulation

PCS Thermal, is our brand of removable insulation designed to keep your industrial process systems flowing. Our thermal products can also help reduce greenhouse emissions, reducing BTU's consumed with proper insulation will lead to less carbon dioxide emissions.

Removable insulation is commonly used in Marine, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Agriculture, Industrial, Military, Mining, Exhausts and more. These industries use removable insulation for a variety of reasons including: sound absorption, freeze protection, personal protection, high heat areas and operator ease just to name a few.

When it comes to the design of your product, you will have a dedicated project manager regardless if it is one blanket or 3,000 blankets. Our personal touch, dedication to high quality products and affordable products manufactured in Eastern Montana is why our customers choose us over the competition.

We take great pride in manufacturing an American made product, using as many local components as possible to support the local economy. Our team has been dedicated to serving the North Dakota and Montana oil fields, saltwater disposals and midstream sectors.

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Secondary Securing Devices

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Find Leaks and Perform Maintenance

With PCS Thermal removable insulation blankets, your operators are able to find leaks, make repairs and reinstall the insulation blanket in record time.

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“High quality, designed to fit our specific needs, dedicated project manager from start to finish and affordable, why would you choose another product or company?”

- Enerplus Representative

  • Inspect and Maintenance with Ease

    "You must design, install, use, maintain, and test production safety equipment in a manner to ensure the safety and protection of the human, marine, and coastal environments." - OSHA

  • Effortless Transition

    Use all removables when necessary or mix removables with insulation and metal!

  • Installs Quickly and Easily

    Majority of our customers are other insulation companies, electricians, service companies and producers directly. Often times, you will use your team to install our blankets for higher profit margins on your next project!

We can help you with any custom project you have in mind

See a Problem, find a solution

Our dedicated team will help find a solution to a problem you are facing. Broken strap for your tractor door? New wind breaks for your work over rigs? Amputee who needs a zipper installed? If your problem involves the use of industrial sewing machines and knowledgeable staff to carry out the project, we are your team!

Custom Projects

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