Heavy Equipment Transport Windshield Protection, Loader, Excavator, Dozer, Backhoe and more!

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PCS Armor - Excavators, Dozers, Backhoe, Grader and other Large Windows

The above video of the Skidsteer is an example on how these are installed.  All protectors (with the exception of a side by side) are manufactured with universal loops for easy mounting.

We do offer standard sizes for each piece of equipment.  However if you would like your protector to fit your dimensions it is important when ordering your windshield protector to measure your window size.  During checkout, please enter the following dimensions in the special instructions box:

A - Window height

B - Top Window Length

C - Bottom Window Length

 There is no additional charge for custom dimensions!  The pictures listed below is for a John Deere 524K-II Hight Lift.  If you do not enter custom dimensions we attempt to reach you before sending this protector which is 49.5" Wide and 65.5" long at the longest points.

If your equipment has custom corners (like the pay loader in the photo), please let us know and we can help get your measurements.  This will ensure your cover fits the full width of your glass.


When you are headed out to play for the weekend, don't waste time and money with a broken windshield, protect your equipment with PCS ARMOR. Benefits:

* Protect your equipment during transport

* Save on expensive windshield replacement

* Avoid downtime

* Impact resistant

* Easily folded down for storage when not in use Features:

* Available for any equipment with a windshield!

* 1/2" thick closed cell insulation that is non absorbent!

* Heavy duty loop sewn in 6" deep to ensure protection of your glass

* 14 Oz Vinyl coated nylon canvas.

* Other colors available, please inquire for additional color options.


Our standard color is black for all of our PCS ARMOR transport windshield protectors. If you or your company would like a different color for your fleet, contact us for a quote.

What does PCS ARMOR Windshield Protector Include? Your package will include one windshield protector with straps and are sewn into the cover for easy installation! All you need to do is add your bungees on and go!  Our Side by Side protectors do not have sewn in loops, rather, they have sewn in straps with buckles for easy install!

If you are looking to order large quantities, contact us today for your discounted quote! We can custom cover any windshield, front, back or both. Together we can get the correct measurements and custom design your PCS ARMOR transport windshield protector at no additional cost!

With over a decade of oil and gas industrial insulation under our belts, we began working closely with the agricultural sector. Each harvest season as our custom harvesters traveled across states and down gravel roads, broken windshields were becoming excessively costly for the equipment, labor downtime and delayed jobs. Through this diversity and teamwork, PCS ARMOR transport windshield protectors were born. With a team of highly skilled insulators, removable cover manufacturing supervisor and our customers needs, we have develop a sleek, durable and highly protective transport windshield protectors.