Heavy Equipment Transport Windshield Protection, Loader, Excavator, Dozer, Backhoe and more!

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PCS Armor - Excavators, Dozers, Backhoe, Grader and other Large Windows

The above video of the Skidsteer is an example on how these are installed.  All protectors (with the exception of a side by side) are manufactured with universal loops for easy mounting.

We do offer standard sizes for each piece of equipment.  However if you would like your protector to fit your dimensions it is important when ordering your windshield protector to measure your window size.  During checkout, please enter the following dimensions in the special instructions box:

A - Window height

B - Top Window Length

C - Bottom Window Length


If your equipment has custom corners (like the pay loader in the photo), please let us know and we can help get your measurements.  This will ensure your cover fits the full width of your glass.