• Owner, Jamey Buxcel, has worked in the Bakken oil fields (Montana & North Dakota) since 2011 as an Industrial Mechanical Insulator, Project Manager, Insulation Division Manager, Insulation Area Manager and Pipeline Compressor Station Operator. Growing rapidly through the industry as a skilled and professional insulator, building a reputation for quality products and above all exceptional customer service, Jamey was able to dominate the local market on a large scale. That is why local customers asked Jamey to break out in a company where their wants and needs could be clearly heard.
  • Established 9/1/21 with 1 employee in a 1000 square foot facility. within our first year, we bought a new 7,680 square foot facility and had 8 employees. In our second year, we renovated our existing facilities for maximum efficiency and increased our workforce to 15 employees. We employ all local staff who are proud of the local economy and we Strive to be a strong and stable employer, gradually expanding benefits and well-paid jobs.
  • Why are we Different?

  • We have a Certified Thermal Insulation Inspector available to all our customers.
  • Each customer has a dedicated project manager to carry out their project from start to finish. This ensures that our team uses our proprietary planning and reporting process to stay in touch with clients and keep them informed about project status.
  • We focus directly on blankets and supply these items to other insulation companies. Majority of smaller insulation companies can provide lower cost because of reduced overheads, by outsourcing their blanket needs to us, they are able to keep that overhead down. As well, these insulation companies handle invoicing directly to the producers along with organizing the job, overseeing production and installing the final product to meet their standards. The "customer" such as Enerplus, Hess, Marathon, Denbury do not have to work with another contractor, their insulation contractor will handle all of the necessary project management of the blankets.
  • Why we are Cheaper

    Located just outside of Williston, we are able to hire labor at a lower rate (outside of oil field rates), purchase our property at a lower rate and because we are in Montana we are able to purchase raw materials and sell our products with zero tax. Pricing remains consistent with fixed raw material costs and variable labor costs, not because of the price of oil.

Our services and affiliations

Custom Removable, Reusable Thermal Insulation

There are several types of removable insulation blankets.

The most common are:

Removable insulation blankets for:

hot and cold components / freeze prevention / sound attenuation

Transport Windshield Protectors

Each harvest season, as our custom harvesters traveled across state and gravel roads, broken windshields became prohibitively expensive in equipment, labor downtime, and delayed jobs. Through this diversity and teamwork the PCS ARMOR windshield protectors were born. With a team of highly qualified insulators, overseeing the production of the removable covers and the needs of our customers, we have developed stylish, durable and highly protective transport Windshield Protectors so any vehicle or piece of equipment with a window